Milling is often a part of the professional paving process. Before a fresh layer of pavement can be laid, the old surface needs to be broken up, loosened and planed to the required depth. Here at American Paving Company, we have decades experience with commercial and residential milling services. We use a combination of our skill, training, expertise and specialized machinery to break up, crush and remove how ever many layers of old pavement required - all the way down to the base if necessary. The "waste" material can then be transported to another location to be recycled and reused in further projects - good for the environment! Milling is a fundamental step to ensuring that your road or driveway will last for years to come.

Milling of asphalt for road repair of roads, the removes old asphalt reconstruction accessory for skid steer
A roadworks on the street new asphalt with workers, Road Roller Road Construction Machinery.


Could you imagine a world with only dirt roads? Paving ensures cars and trucks have a safe, durable, efficient way to travel from to b. This is especially true in extreme conditions such as thunderstorms, rain showers and blizzards. Our team at American Paving Company are experts in - you guessed it - commercial and residential paving services. Once we lay the initial layer of asphalt pavement, we compact and smooth using speciality tools and equipment. Asphalt pavement offers a number of benefits - it's quick and easy (you can typically drive on the surface within hours) and is very affordable (especially if you need to pave a large surface such as public road or parking lot).


Optimization is the best, right? Here at American Paving Company we believe so. That's why we offer both commercial and residential customers the option of "milling and paving" together. This means that after we finish the milling process, we immediately apply a fresh layer of pavement to your road, parking lot, driveway, or any other paved surface. Through the process we can provide you with a leveled surface that is sure to last for many years.

Group of compactors and Heavy Vibration rollers at asphalt pavement works (road repairing)


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