Our Process

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Home renovation and improvement steps including construction project flooring installation and plumbing professionals hands at work
A kitchen renovation interior design. Kitchen renovation material selection. Kitchen material and design for renovation on designer desk. Renovation concept.
3D isometric rendering of a furnished residential house, on a blueprint, showing the living room, dining room, foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and storage.
Home renovation and improvement steps including construction project flooring installation and plumbing professionals hands at work
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STEP 1. Initial Design Consultation (no charge)

During this first step our goal is to better understand exactly what you want. This means firstly assessing what the customer's primary needs are, such as kitchen space, family needs (size of family, how many cooks), purposes of the space (do you entertain often, etc). 

This service is always offered free of charge, with no-obligation. We know that once you sit down and chat with us, you'll be more than satisfied with our extensive knowledge of all things kitchen & bath as well as professional experience and customer service. 

Once the initial design consultation is complete, we'll schedule a field measure (step 2) at your earliest convenience. 

STEP 2. Field Measure

As with any home improvement project, it's vital to ensure that we get all the details just right. A field measure means that we obtain all the necessary dimensions such as window to door, ceiling height, square footage, etc. During this step we also try to better understand the natural flow of your home so that we can make the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing design proposal. 

This step is also offered free of charge!

STEP 3. Design and Cost Review (with cabinets, door style and finish)

During this step your vision really starts to come to life. We'll create a comprehensive design proposal which incorporates all the needs and wants we discussed in the initial design consultation. This will also include your preferred cabinet brands, such as Kraftmade, Luxury Collection, Graybill, Cubitech, CNC and more, as well as the desired finish, door style and more. 

STEP 4. Final Proposal Presentation

Once we've got all the details nailed down, we've create a proposal that gives you a few things: firstly a better visual idea of exactly how your project will turn out, but also the tools the completely control exactly which elements you want to keep (or what should be added in). During this step we'll also be able to provide a detailed outline of exactly how much we expect the project to cost. Here you can customize based on your budget, knowing exactly how much each of the elements that will comprise the whole room will cost. 

To ensure that you are completely clear on our entire design proposal, we will meet with you personally. This gives you the chance to get to know us a bit more and have all your questions and/or concerns immediately addressed. 

STEP 5. Sign Contract & Confirm Delivery

When you give us the final go-ahead that everything in the project proposal is in order, we'll sign the contract and confirm project delivery. This also means nailing down each product order - from the largest element to the smallest detail. 

STEP 6. Coordinate Scheduled Installment of All Products

We want to minimize disruption and make sure everything runs smoothly during the installation process and thus we need to coordinate scheduled installments for each product. This means working with you to figure out exactly how our project timeline coordinates with your daily life. During this step we also check out each small detail that could effect installation time - from kids, to neighbors, work, school, pets and more!

STEP 7. Installation

Here's where our expertise really shines. Armed with a well-thought out schedule, top quality products and our design proposal in mind, the team at CT Kitchen & Bath will complete all steps of the installation process. Should you have any questions or concerns during this stage, we're happy to address them. 

STEP 8. Post -Installation Services

Our end goal is ensure that you, the customer, are more than satisfied with a job well done. Initially, post-installation services include all clean up and waste removal. We'll walk you through all the completed elements to ensure that each detail has been carried out to your liking. Your home will absolutely be more beautiful when we leave than when we arrived! This step also includes following up with you to ensure that you're happy with the project after some time has passed. ​



We invite you to check out our work at our showroom. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our complete bathroom remodeling services or request a no-obligation, free consultation.